Easy printing and web-publishing options mean almost anyone can have a voice or share their ideas and work with an audience, but it’s not always easy to know how to get the best results for your efforts.

That’s when I’m here to help if you need practical, pragmatic advice on how to get your work into the physical world (please don’t ask for web design ~ you can probably tell from this site that I’m learning as I go!) or to help you polish what you’ve already made. 

But why would you pay me just to look at your work? Well, it often helps to have an experienced eye look at one’s process ~ from proofreading to art editing we are usually too close to see if what we are doing works as well as it could. It’s better to spot a typo or a confusing visual transition before going to press, because even if your audience doesn’t notice, you know it’ll be the first thing you see when you look at the work after you send it out in to the world! 

If you want a sounding-board, drop me a line here and we’ll see if we can work something out.


At the onscreen comics anthology AcesWeekly, I do the weekly production work as well as proofreading and fixing text, but the fun stuff is getting to talk with our talented creators on each volume ~ offering suggestions for tweaks or asking their thinking behind some of their creative decisions.

What an honour to get to chat with so many great artists ~  Herb Trimpe and Batton Lash were long-time heroes of mine, while others such as Mal Earl and Marc Jackson have become good friends. Comics never stops giving!

For some time I helped Sequential with their digital edition of The Phoenix comic. Getting the pages a week in advance was a real treat for this fanboy but, love his work though I do, setting up the panel-by-panel guided view for Jamie Smart’s wild and energetic page layouts was never a breeze!

When I worked as a designer on the daily newspapers and consumer magazines published by Emap, I was also trained in the Jedi ways of the sub-editor. Editing journalists’ copy to fit the pages, checking their grammar, writing headlines and standfirsts ~ it was a great grounding for later work…

Especially at VisitBritain where I was managing the Creative Services department, as an Art Editor but also with responsibility for Editorial, Photography and Production teams.


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