Dusty breadmAIkers: Polly(anna) put the kettle on and decided that AI was not a threat to Art

For a while, it’s Cool Things every day, but turning Cool Things into a coherent film or a book or a story takes time and a lot more attention than pushing a button. MORE


Comics Weekender: I may have just lived my best Comics Weekend in the healthiest order!

Four days. A Venn Diagram of comics types. Luckily it ended with children so I couldn’t escalate my drinking as I would have don if the schedule had bee reverse MORE


AI should have sent a poet: another go at talking synthetic art

So I went to a Comica talk on AI by Dave McKean and adjusted my thinking again MORE


Me, Myself and AI: thirdsies on synthetic art

“if you could script it and indicate what figures and objects went where, would you let the AI finish it off as a digital assistant?” MORE


Ay?Aye! second thoughts on synthetic art

AI continues to develop. Commercial, Legal and Aesthetic responses to AI continue to spin their wheels… MORE


Is that all there is? where next for Comics?

The MCU bubble will burst eventually and comics will drop out of the conversation again. Now is the time to tell people that not every comic has to be a story MORE


A.I. LET GO: the robots are coming to take us away

Computers are replacing artists all over the shop… aren’t they? These thoughts were put down on 07/09/22. they will evolve!. MORE


SLABBED: did I just throw thousands of pounds away?

I destroyed a valuable comic (or did I?) and then it became even more valuable (or did it?)

Read how one project poking fun at commercialisation of art ended up destroying a comic that could sell for over £6k... MORE


SLABS: a very peculiar practice

The meaning of the term ‘slabbing’ in comics is not immediately obvious ~ and, maybe, neither is the purpose... MORE

PARAGONS: a very peculiar practice

This is a list of people who I believe did good things and made The World better in ways I wish I could emulate… MORE



How much can you take away from an existing comic and still have a story worth reading? … MORE


TEDx SPRINTS: Delta-2 – pass it on

One of my favourite projects in 2021 was at TEDx SPRINTS ~ a creative bootcamp where visual artists have 48 hours to produce an artwork on a specific issue. All works are then published under an open license, so that activists, nonprofits and educators globally can use them in their future campaign work.  In this instance it was to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis… MORE


ROY: a consideration in comics

Roy Lichtenstein appropriated what he considered debased source material from pulp and newsprint origins and blew them up in the process of transposing them to an exalted medium. And then selling them at deluxe prices. In Roy, I appropriated images from the 20th century high art canon and reduced and translated them to a debased medium … MORE



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