SLABBED: did I just throw thousands of pounds away?

I destroyed a valuable comic (or did I?) and then it became even more valuable (or did it?)

Read how one project poking fun at commercialisation of art ended up destroying a comic that could sell for over £6k... MORE


SLABS: a very peculiar practice

The meaning of the term ‘slabbing’ in comics is not immediately obvious ~ and, maybe, neither is the purpose... MORE


PARAGONS: just a list of names

This is a list of people who I believe did good things and made The World better in ways I wish I could emulate… MORE

Redacted Comics: Alpha

How much can you take away from an existing comic and still have a story worth reading? … MORE


TEDx SPRINTS: Delta-2 – pass it on

One of my favourite projects in 2021 was at TEDx SPRINTS ~ a creative bootcamp where visual artists have 48 hours to produce an artwork on a specific issue. All works are then published under an open license, so that activists, nonprofits and educators globally can use them in their future campaign work.  In this instance it was to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis… MORE


ROY: a consideration in comics

Roy Lichtenstein appropriated what he considered debased source material from pulp and newsprint origins and blew them up in the process of transposing them to an exalted medium. And then selling them at deluxe prices. In Roy, I appropriated images from the 20th century high art canon and reduced and translated them to a debased medium … MORE



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