Redacted Comics: Alpha

36 pages. US Comic.




Redacted Comics are a place where I enjoy bits of pre-existing works ~ but maybe not in the way their creators intended.

This issue is appropriated from Alpha Flight 40 (published by Marvel Comics in 1986). The original work was by Bill Mantlo, David Ross, Whilce Portacio, Jim Novak and Bob Sharen… you can see details here.

In this piece I was fascinated by the hyper-emoting of the characters and the ways shapes and blocks moved the eye around the pages to make the audience aware there was a story in progress,,, not having read the previous issues, that convoluted story made precious little sense to me and the characters didn’t resonate with the requisite meaning that an extended superhero narrative relies on.

But… BUT… even this contextless reading experience has a lot of Comicking going on.


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