TEDx SPRINTS: Delta-2 ~ Pass It On One of my favourite projects in 2021 was at TEDx SPRINTS ~ a creative bootcamp where visual artists have 48 hours to produce an artwork on a specific issue. All works are then published under an open license, so that activists, nonprofits and educators globally can use them in their …

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Fundamentally Speaking : A4. Pen and ink It’s amazing how much trouble a simple typo can cause… BACK TO WORK blog my work presenting consulting shop about me talk to me   blogging & blagging latest blatherings and writings here


The New Colossus : A4. Pen and ink A comic rendering of the poem by Emma Lazarus that adorns the Statue of Liberty ~ drawn for Mauricio Cordero’s BORDERx anthology highlighting the terrible situation many innocent people suffer at America’s southern border (buy it from all good bookshops, or online HERE) ~ and below is …

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