Slabbed: did I just throw thousands of pounds away? (Part1) I destroyed a valuable comic (or did I?) and then it became even more valuable (or did it?) If you don’t know what slabbing is, it may behoove you to read this blog first: SLABS: a very peculiar practice So… background… I grew up loving …

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SLABS: a very peculiar practice The meaning of the term ‘slabbing’ in comics is not immediately obvious ~ and, maybe, neither is the purpose.   In a nutshell, you take a mass-produced comic book with a print run in the thousands and pay a commercial company to assess the physical condition of your copy (graded …

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  nearlymades : reviewed by Page 45 We get asked about abstract comics on a not infrequent basis and since the excellent ABSTRACT COMICS hardcover anthology went out of print, seemingly into the great abstract void of fuzzy-black-never-to-be-reprintedness without even the merest hint of brilliant-shining-tunnel-of-light back-from-the-dead softcover reprint, we have nothing to show people. Until now… Simon …

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Mistermind : A4. Pen and inkJust a bit of fun, appropriating the style of various Superman artist over the years and having pun with their names…BACK TO WORK …the drawing stage.BACK TO WORK blogmy workpresentingconsultingshopabout metalk to me blogging & blagginglatest blatherings and writings here Mistermind : A4. Pen and inkJust a bit of fun, appropriating …

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ROY: a consideration in comics STOP! Before reading these notes, you may want to order a physical copy of Roy from the shop for the full experience (HERE). No? Well, you can see the pages below and imagine them printed at A5 on newsprint…   WHY NEWSPRINT? Roy Lichtenstein appropriated what he considered debased source …

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