Tyr : A4. Pen and ink Only the god of battle was brave enough to offer his right hand as a guarantee that the aesir were not tricking Fenrir… they were, of course, and that hand was bitten clean off. BACK TO WORK Hera and Heracles : A4. Pen and ink Hera, queen of the Gods, loathed …

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Utgard-Loki : A4. Pen and ink Útgarða-Loki, lord of castle Útgarðr in Jötunheimr, called himself Skrýmir when he met Thor, Loki and Thjalfi on the road and used his magics to bamboozle the small gods. A very early lesson in things not always being as they seem… BACK TO WORK blog my work presenting consulting …

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Theseus’ Black Sail : A4. Pen and ink Theseus never paid any bloody attention when his old dad was talking ~ after slaying the poor Minotaur, he splashed back home without changing his black sail as King Aegeus (sketch below) had told him to do so the lookouts would know he still lived… thinking his …

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Blodeuwedd : A4. Pen and ink Made of flowers/Maid of flowers created by Math and Gwydion in the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogion. Part of a project that I’m doing with Jon The Storyteller. BACK TO WORK blog my work presenting consulting shop about me talk to me   blogging & blagging latest blatherings and …

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